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Modern technology is supported by the maintenance of standards and precision of the finished product. The industrial machinery used to manufacture a product is called the mother machine,and such mother machines are the base of modern civilization. Industry to date has succeeded in providing highly advanced functions inexpensively through the mass production of goods, but from now on,“gentleness” will become the required focus. Technology will probably undergo endless modification to satisfy human needs. This is manifest in the support of care for the aged. A wave of old age is sweeping Japan, and welfare matters have now become an everyday concern. It is now time for gentle technology to come to the fore.

The “STAUFF PIPE CLAMP” for piping support and the “QUICK TEST” piping pressure measurement system: recognized by industries worldwide for their technology,quality and performance.
The STAUFF PIPE CLAMP production plant is able to meet requests for swift delivery both at home and abroad.
With many years of experience and achievements behind us, our wide range of products make high quality, reliable piping possible.
The care beds are produced using an assembly-line process of bending
pipe, welding, and powder-coating.