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Running, turning and stopping: these are the basic functions demanded of a motor vehicle. However, the technology incorporated into modern vehicles is not only concerned with movement. A car is one huge collection of almost all the technology created by mankind, and moreover, only the most advanced level technology is used. The car is about to change. Until recently, the pursuit of speed and comfort were only two of the concerns of automotive engineers. Now the priority is with safety, and the approach to environmental problems, including the recycling of parts.

With engineering know how and accumulated experience,
we produce high quality hoses for car air-conditioners.
“O-FLEX TUBE”, an insulating and heat resistant, flexible tube which is light-weight, high performance and low-cost to meet the demands of today.
“O-FLEX”, specially-processed tube for intense heat piping´s insulation and heat retention covering.
The plant where freon hoses for car air-conditioners
are produced, which is undergoing improvements to
make production more rational and efficient.
Product reliability is born of steady R&D activities and diverse experiments.