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Wind is the Earth breathing. Whether typhoon or tornado,wind is the air circulating around the Earth. Someone came up with the idea of re-creating and controlling the flow of these winds. He found that wind could be created by turning vanes, and that this wind could be directed through ducts to other places. But extreme care is needed in the handling of the air. At times,a strong flow of air is desired,at other times all one wants is a gentle breeze. The flow of air engineering behind the provision of such ideal comfort is an example of what we refer to as gentle technology.

The series of frexible ducts for use in air-conditioning systems in tall buildings and intelligent buildings: “METALLO-FLEX”, “SEMI-FLEX”., “CLIP - FLEX N-SC”.
優れた保温性・可とう性・伸縮性・吸音性を持ち、国土交通省不燃認定取得品“クリップ・フレックス N-SC”
“CLIP - FLEX N-SC”,a non-flammable product approved by the Ministry of Land,Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism, has excellent heat retention, flexibility, elasticity and sound absorption properties.
The draft-free air-conditioning system “AIR SOX”, created in Denmark, which is gentle to humans.
The flexible duct series has proved immensely popular. A pioneer in the field of air-conditioning ducts for the construction industry,it made its debut in the World Trade Center Building.
A technological tie-up with the Canadian company Flexmaster Co.,Ltd. provided the basis for improvements resulting in this line of high quality products.
Responding to industrial demands through swift delivery and a vast product lineup.